Viva Europa!Back over the ditch – or under it this time. We took the Channel Tunnel for a half hour trip under the ditch that has historically pissed off Julius Caesar, Napoleon and Uncle Adolf. Nice and easy – didn’t even have to present passports (!); the British immigration guys waved us through, the French one asked if we were British and then just let us go without even stopping the van. Ha! The ‘European Ring Of Steel’ may have rusted a bit 🙂


Bastards under the sea :)


From Calais it was only a short run to Ghent…or Gent, not sure which. Anyway, we were ridiculously early so it seemed only polite to sit in the town square and have a couple of beers. Beautiful town and the people were really friendly.  

Loaded on at six into the superbly named ‘Kinky Star’, sound checked and ready to rumble in no time. It was a baptism of fire for a new RUDE 18″ Crash/Ride supplied by the ever-cool Martin Potts at Paiste as a replacement for a cymbal that had been cruelly murdered on the last tour.

(The cymbal was shuttled down on an overnight ‘before 9am’ delivery for the morning we left London and arrived at 9:03!!!! Horror! That’s three minutes of waiting in British traffic that was squandered!) 😉

Cheers Martin – the replacement is ear-bendingly superb.

So anyway – the venue is very cool as are the staff. We had food and beer, and all that, in the upstairs ‘backstage’ and felt just generally looked after.

Support band Ynfamia from The Netherlands are nice blokes and they kicked it all off at about 9. By the time we got going an hour later the place was full and they were a loud and enthusiastic crowd – mosh pits and all. Great gig and we even blasted through a couple of tracks we hadn’t played in quite a while 🙂

After the show we stayed in an awesome old building that a local dude had arranged – hot shower, comfortable beds…perfect 🙂

Up just before the crack of noon we bumbled down the road and found a Slovakian restaurant where we had a fantastic meal (for €3.50! I love this country!). Turns out the owner is a headbanger and so we ate lunch in a Slovakian place in Belgium listening to I.C.O.N streamed on his laptop. Happy days 🙂

Now off to The Netherlands; gig tonight in Nijmegen. Now….during the war……..


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