A Bridge Just Right

Nijmegen – what a great gig. We rode on up the road from Gent after Bedlam in Belgium into The Netherlands for some high voltage rock and roll. Found the venue in no time – but had a couple of hours to kill. Fortunately, because the locals are very nice people, the venue’s neighbour – a bicycle repair shop – invited us in for a coffee while we waited. What cool people!


Strange man thieving coffee

Before long, the venue was open and we were loading in. A really cool place with an excellent vibe. Plus the barman was a diving instructor who had been a ‘neighbour’ in Bonaire when I was in Grenada 🙂

Set up and sound checked and then met the support band System Overthrow who were excellent.

Strange man sighted engaged in blasphemy


A huge downstairs dressing room – fridge full of beer – so much food we were challenged to finish it (but we rose to the challenge and triumphed) – and a really enthusiastic crowd all combined for a second excellent gig.

Strange man


Really enjoyed it.

Was great to see my old mates Pete and Jarno again: they travelled 90 miles for the show. Top blokes and a great live sound team.

So, another cracker and then load out, say goodbye and off into the darkness like four out of shape Batmen. Superb.

Now off to stay with a superb pairing people before the show in Amsterdam tomorrow….

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