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Staying with the incredibly hospitable Anke and Danny for a couple of nights with the Amsterdam show in between. Crazed amounts of food and drink and then a wander down Amsterdam to a brewery in an old mill. Fantastic!!

On the way we went into a coffee shop and I thought, “fantastic…I could do with a brew”. Of course the bloke behind the counter looked at me like I had three heads when I asked for a nice cappuccino. But then…maybe to him I did have three heads. Don’t know…but I sensed that I may have been missing something and it seemed only sensible to then go for a beer elsewhere. 

At the mill brewery the brew of choice was ‘Columbus’ I think – absolutely bloody great!
And we had the joy of discovering that signposts for West Amsterdam are abbreviated to ‘A’dam West’. 

Holy Roadsigns Batman!!! 


The mill and a disappointing pigeon that sat above Reece and consistently failed to shit on his head.


Danny, Reece and Anke


I remember the last time I was in Amsterdam was on the Vicious Rumors tour. Myself, Paul Clayton and Beam went for a wander which ended up in the red light area (purely by accident of course). I’ll never forget something we saw in a shop window…

Now…you see some pretty unusual things for sale there, but nothing will ever compare with what I can only describe as a Black and Decker two-handed power tool with a huge rubber cock attached to the end of it. It looked petrol engined too!

Not the most romantic sexual encounter…imagine it inserted into ‘Top Gun’: 

Tom Cruise and Kelly McGillis are getting all soft-focus and sweaty while some sappy 80s pop plays in the background. There are gasps of anticipation as billowing curtains fill the room – and then Tom pulls out his ‘Black and Decker Knobber 2000’ and pulls the starter chord. “Brace yourself Kelly! This may make you wince.”

No thanks.

Anyway, I digress…

It was an excellent day, made all the better by ending with an excellent gig at The Cave. A great little place and cool staff and crowd. Our old mates Ynfamia were opening again which was cool. Loved the whole gig.

Great to see keyboard maestro, my old mate Joop who came down to say hello too. A late show – hitting the stage about midnight. Awesome!

So today we are back to Belgium. Thanks Anke and Danny – your hospitality has been incredible.

On the road again…

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