So we departed The Netherlands and barrelled on back into Belgium. Reece has been doing all the driving so far so I’ve been sitting in the back like a spoilt bastard for each voyage thus far. Our destination was the Titans Club in Lens, a picturesque little town not far from Mons. It’s always fascinating (on a personal level) travelling around this whole area and into France. Not only because of decades of studying World War Two, but also knowing my Grandad’s service history and story as part of the Australian army in World War One. So many places are familiar; some because I’ve spent time crawling around bunkers and trench lines and some because they just feature so prominently in the battle histories. When you are in the region of towns like Mons, Ypres, Vimy, Le Paradis, Arras and so on…well, it’s always amazing and humbling in equal measures. We’ve passed an interesting group of buildings and bunkers which I’m pretty sure are the remains of a Luftwaffe airfield too.

Anyway…back to the metal…

The Titans Club is a great little venue and we were loaded in and ready to rumble in no time. Our partners in crime for the evening were the French band Gang, and a fine bunch of chappies they are indeed. 


With David from the Gang

As is the way in Europe, the hospitality was off the hook: food, drink and a three star hotel complete with breakfast the next day, all organised by promoter Walter and his crew. It was magnificent and hugely appreciated as always.

The gig was a cracker and we all had a particularly good one in Lens. Got a great response from the people out front so we were a bunch of happy campers. 

In fact the whole day was smooth as a smooth thing with no derailments anywhere. Being a Sunday it was an early curfew and we were done and loaded out by 9.30pm!!! A polite few beers and that was it.

C’etait magnifique!


The hotel floor :)

Up at the crack of mid morning, loaded up on breakfast and then hitting the road to France in the footsteps of the Ghost Division. We passed through the border control as easily as Erwin once did and then on to Arras where we will linger a while until the gig in Lille. Can’t wait. Every show so far has been great and I always love playing in France so it should be a blast. 

No sleep till Lille!!

(Actually that’s bollocks – there’ll be tons of sleep and food and beer, but you know what I mean)

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