It is a dark time for the Rebellion. Although Larry’s knee has been destroyed, The tour itinerary has driven the I.C.O.N forces from their hidden base and pursued them across the galaxy.

Evading the dreaded Arras Gendarmes, a group of Metal Bastards led by Mark Sagar has established a new secret base on the remote French world of Lille.

The evil lord Darth Vader, obsessed with finding young Sagar, has not dispatched any sound men into the far reaches of space…

Yes, we departed our lair in Arras and headed for Lille for the second to last show of this tour. It’s not a great distance, but good job I wasn’t walking because my knee had swelled up a bit and was generally just jammed pretty solid. I gaffa-taped a bandage on it to give it some support, which actually improved things a bit. Anyway…we were off again into action 🙂
The venue, Le Midland, was easy to find and we were actually able to load in early and leave our gear there for a while while we hunted for a kebab and frites. Nice little venue really.

Lunch revived us a bit and after a bit of hanging around got back in the venue to set up. Tricky putting a kit together when your knee is not cooperating but we literally had hours so it was no problem.

Then we waited.

And waited.

And waited.

Fortunately at 6pm or so, our awesome metal bastard friend Laurent from Paris turned up with his equally excellent mate Fabrice. It’s always a pleasure to see Laurent – a top guy who genuinely loves his music. Two hours they drove to make the gig: magnifique!

Sound check time came and went and we were getting a tad jittery until the support band Icarus Rising turned up. Nice guys (and girls) and it was then that we discovered there was no sound man and it was a DIY job. Not a problem at all…as long as you know 😉 Nobody had told us or our esteemed management/agent, nor the promoter even. But, like I say, not a problem if you know beforehand.

So we hustled in and set up some mics to soundcheck. Scott handled sound for both them and us and it sounded very bloody good out front. Well done sir.

Meanwhile, people were starting to arrive. Laurent was amazing at standing outside and getting people through the door too. He was talking to one guy who wanted to see the show, when a girl the guy knew walked past.
“Bonjour. How are you?”
“Very well thank you”
“Are you coming to the show?”
“To see the English band?”
“But I have plans”
“That’s okay – you can cancel them, they’ll understand”
“But I don’t like Heavy Metal”
“You’ll like this one”
Ha ha! He deserves a commission 🙂 All done with a smile on his face and much laughing I hasten to add. Thoroughly nice bloke – and I think she came to the gig too 🙂

Anyway – showtime rolled around and we kicked off. I was quite relieved to find that once my knee was bent into place it worked just fine on the bass drum so despite the occasional “ooh la la!..that fucking hurt!” moment it went pretty well. The crowd were awesome and, in the end, we did very well. Loved it 🙂

Eventually it was time to bid everyone adieu and we were off to our accommodation that had been arranged. This went a little less to plan and, although the chappy involved was a very nice bloke…let’s just say we got a couple of hours sleep on a tile floor before heading to awesome Ostend and finding an excellent B&B to shower and sleep in until tonight.

The Metal Bastards roll onwards

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