I.C.O.N have returned to their home planet of England in an attempt to rescue the population from the clutches of a vile lack of heavy metal.

Little do they know that ADL Management has openly begun construction on a new tour even more powerful than the first dreaded tour of the UK this year.

When completed, this ultimate tour will spell certain joy for the small band of Metal Bastards struggling to restore proper heavy metal to the galaxy…

Yes we ended the ‘Bastards in Europe’ tour with an absolute cracker at the Jeugdhuis OHK in Ostend. After relaxing for a few hours in our palatial B&B we bumbled along to the show which was already starting to fill up with a whole lot of metalheads. I love the European metal scene because nobody gives a shit what the latest trend or fashion in metal is – they like what they like and there were patched denims and leather jackets as far as the eye could see. Bloody brilliant. The promoter Wim was an awesome bloke as was his entire crew who helped us load in and later load out (a bonus as my buggered knee meant I was moving with a speed equivalent to Candelmass’ slowest track).


Top notch backstage entertainment

Anyway, food, beer and all that jazz were available in abundance and we hung around with the three other bands who were very cool blokes indeed. It was a great night even before we hit the stage.



Two guys from Skullfest came down to check out the show – we’re playing their festival in June; really looking forward to that because these guys were great 🙂

Despite running a bit late we hit the stage at full force and really had an absolute blast. The crowd were nuts and the tour had genuinely ended on a high note. The setlist stayed more or less the same for the tour:
Feeding The Negative
Messiah Complex
Devil’s Blacklist
Cold Divide
Grindin’ Wheel
Welcome To My War
Shotgun Karma
Drowning In Their Screams
New Born Lie
Seven Second Warning

Made it to the last gig before skinning my knuckle :)

Made it to the last gig before skinning my knuckle a little bit 🙂

So that was it. After the gig we lurked for a while and then crashed back at the B&B and got some Zs in before heading back to the Channel Tunnel and under the ditch to Angleterre.


A fantastic little tour and now we contemplate another six-date tour in April; this time opening for Udo Dirkschneider and Anvil. Udo has been top of my list for decades  after I first heard Accept and I CANNOT WAIT for these gigs. Of course, being the UK, there are curfews all over the place which means that for us these are early shows. So if you want to come down and get loony with us Metal Bastards get there when the doors open and come on in. It’s gonna be bloody great \m/

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